How I got my passion back

After being out of the beauty industry and clinic work for 10 years I got my passion back in the most unusual place…

After going to the wedding expo a couple of months back with my daughter, I met a clinic on a stand called Feel Good laser and skin clinic based in Richmond (my old stomping ground). They had one of their cellulite machines on show. I was very interested in cellulite treatments as well as fat reduction treatments.

After seeing them at the show I received a follow up email after I gave them my details. I was very impressed with the information they sent me and decided to follow up and see what their devices were like. I had a look at their website and specifically their page about non surgical liposuction which I found very informative.

I have been considering surgical liposuction for many years, not because I am overweight, I am a very active woman, I just have these areas, especially after having children that will just never go away. I saw a cosmetic surgeon I used to know a couple of months back and he said that I was a good candidate for liposuction, or as he called it liposculpture. As the fat I would like to shift is in four different areas he recommended I did the procedure in a day surgery which would increase the cost but also the safety.

There were a number of problems I saw with surgery, firstly I am not young! and find that my body does not recover as fast as it used to. The cost was also extremely high and lastly the recovery time would be around 6 weeks in a compression bandage, with light duties.

So, that was that I decided against surgical liposuction. So it was good timing that I met the lovely team from feel good at the wedding expo. Below is a video of the device they use called ultrashaping


This is where I first started looking into Syneron Candela, an Israeli company who have been around for many decades. I have had a read of their FDA approvals and clinical studies around ultrashaping and they are very impressive.

So last night I went onto Feel Good’s website and booked a free consultation that they offer to be assessed for the treatment. I received a call from a gentleman at the clinic about 20 minutes later, they could not do the time I wanted as they are very busy coming up to Melbourne cup he said but they could do later in the day which was better for me.

So very excited to be going into the clinic next week and seeing what the cost is, seeing some before and after photos. In fact I just received another email from the clinic about my consultation next week and it has before and after photos on there, I have copied some below as they were really quite impressive. They did say sin the email that results may vary but they have to say that!

non surgical liposuction beforenon surgical liposuction after

So very encouraging and now I wish I had booked an appointment for this week but no trouble, I need to learn some patience haha.

That’s about all from this message, hope to bring you an update once I have had my consultation and all my friends back in England can see the results!

Have a great day!